Hotel Sebastopol

The proposed project at 6828 Depot Street will be a small, design-oriented boutique hotel with 66 rooms. The hotel will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. The Hotel will also include a lobby and reception area, retail, artist/maker studios, restaurant, bar, lounge, wellness center, public courtyard, private gardens, outdoor rooftop decks, meeting rooms, and other hotel amenties. There will be a total of 122 parking spaces for the project, including 30 on-street and 92 located on an adjacent parcel across Brown Street.

Designed using feedback from the community, the buildings will be FSC redwood siding and vertical slats, carbonized redwood siding, textured concrete, a light-colored species wood siding, weathered steel panels, and covered in vine planting. The materials reference the local natural palate and rely on naturally sustainable materials.

The massing of the buildings is broken up to match the smaller scale of the surrounding buildings and context. This provides a finer grain that matches that of the town. The highest portion of the building is positioned across from the tallest adjacent building, the Rialto cinema, and then steps down two stories towards the south corner to adjust to the height of the neighboring building and allow more sunlight into the public courtyard.

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Hotel Sebastopol | David Baker Architects
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Hotel Renderings

Site Plan

Site Aerial

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Review notes from the first community workshop held September, 2015.

Sept 2015 Notes

Review notes from the second community workshop held January, 2016.

Jan 2016 Notes